Aug 10, 2019

Enshu Orimono / 遠州織物
(古橋織布 × HUIS. × うなぎの寝床)



High density textile on wide width shuttle looms

The textile is made in the Enshu region of Shizuoka prefecture, on a wide-width shuttle loom in very high density, which creates a solid texture. Although it is dense, because of the shuttle loom it has a unique soft texture as well.

Color : バンブーリネン・ボイルウェザー・綿麻バフ
Size : S / M / L
Price : ¥15,000 + tax

Color:バンブーリネン ネイビー
Material:バンブーリネン40% 麻60% (Bamboo Linen 60% Linen 40%)
Size:S / M / L
Price:¥15,000 + tax

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Color:綿麻バフ カーキ
Material:麻55%綿45% (Linen 55%, Cotton 45%)
Size:S / M / L
Price:¥15,000 + tax

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Color:ボイルウェザー ベージュ
Material:綿100% (Cotton 100%)
Size:S / M / L
Price:¥15,000 + tax

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Maker’s Information

作り手情報①: 生地の生産

名前- 古橋織布(有) 代表者- 古橋敏明
住所- 静岡県浜松市西区雄踏町山崎3957
備考- 1928年創業。シャトル織機20台、レピア織機2台。従業員7名。遠州織の織元。


名前 – HUIS 松下あゆみ
場所 – 浜松市中区佐鳴台5-27-9-1F

Maker #1 :Textile manufacturing

Company Name: Furuhashi Weaving Co., Ltd.
Name: Toshiaki Furuhashi
Address: 3957 Yamazaki, Yuto-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
Notes: Founded in 1928. 20 Wide shuttle looms, 2 rapier looms. 7 employees.

Maker #2 :Cooperation credits

Company Name: HUIS
Name: Ayumi Matsushita
Place: 5-27-9-1F, Sanarudai, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka

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